3 Tips on Lighting – For Your Next Trade Show or Event!

January 2, 2017

When planning a trade show or event, lighting is often planned at the last minute or completely forgotten about. However, lighting is an extremely important part of planning your booth setup, as it enhances your message, creates a welcoming atmosphere and attracts more visitors.


Lights help to bring your booth to life! 


Here are 3 trade show lighting tips for enhancing your booth or display…


1. Create an atmosphere that carries your message
Illuminating a display isn’t just about making it bright, but also about communicating a feeling or a quality. A well-illuminated trade show display feels more welcoming and will make your guests want to stay longer. They may even stay to take pictures in front of your booth!



Think about what feeling or quality you want to portray with your tradeshow booth lighting. Do you want it to feel relaxed? Luxurious? Energetic? Dramatic? Try to illuminate your booth to communicate the qualities of your brand or product and thus enhance the experience of your branding.


2. Work with contrasts and different light sources
A common mistake is to choose lighting that is too strong or too weak, which makes your display fall flat and look plain. Work with contrasts and different light sources. Direct the light to what you want your visitors to see when passing by your booth.



Incorporate a backlit wall or lightbox to highlight a product or a message. This will help the viewer to instinctively focus on what is most important and it will make your display more interesting.


3. Choose an environmentally friendly light source
Today it’s more important than ever to conserve the earth’s resources. LED lights that draw minimal power or solar power and renewable energy are a good choice.


Remember, you have a very short time frame to catch people’s attention in a busy trade show hall. Lighting is a great way to grab their attention and get your booth to stand out against the competition.


So next time you plan a trade show or event – don’t forget the lights!


Feel free to CONTACT US to discover which of our products can best enhance your trade show display.


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